The Oldest Building in Lexington is More Than 400 Years Old

When you think of lexington town, most likely you will picture a small city with a few historic buildings and lots of people. But that’s not all the town has to offer. The oldest building in town is more than 400 years old! Here are some other facts about lexington town. If you’re wondering how people get to work in Lexington, you’re not alone. Most people carpool or drive alone, but there are a few notable exceptions.

Oldest building in lexington town

The oldest building in Lexington town was constructed in 1792 by a Scotch-Irish immigrant named William Alexander. His family built a store at Jordan’s Point and eventually owned four and a half lots in the town. In 1789, Alexander purchased the property and built a brick building on Washington Street, which he later sold to Captain John Leyburn. This building was designed by a noted local architect named Isaac Melvin.

The first “skyscraper” in Lexington was the First National Building, a 15-story building located at the corner of Main and Upper streets. It was once the tallest building between Atlanta and Cincinnati. Today, it is the 21c Museum Hotel. While it is no longer a place of business, the historic building is an iconic landmark of Lexington. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it houses a number of important city landmarks.

Most people in lexington town drive alone to work

The majority of residents in Lexington town drive alone to work. In addition to driving alone to work, about 75.5 percent use public transportation or carpool. Another 10 percent walk or work from home. The majority of drivers spend about 25 minutes each way. A recent study shows that the number of accidents involving carpools has increased in recent years. Although this trend is a concern, there are many things you can do to improve your commute.

The median income of residents in Lexington is $36,466. For a family of four, this translates to $141,864 a year. The town is made up of rich and poor residents. Despite its diverse population, most residents identify as White. The next most common racial group is Black. Lexington has many immigrants from around the world, with significant groups of Italian, Polish, and German ancestry.

Most people carpool to work

Most people carpool to work in Lexington town. The town has a high percentage of carpoolers, which can make commuting easier. Its population is approximately 50,000, and most residents carpool to work. A majority of residents work alone, but a few people carpool to school and vice versa. The town has a small parking lot, so most people can get to work in under ten minutes.

The city has a long list of independent cab companies, but most people choose to carpool to avoid parking tickets. There are also electric scooters scattered throughout the town. These scooters are operated by a smartphone application. While these are popular options, they should be used carefully. In Lexington, scooters and bikes should not be ridden on the sidewalks. However, if you do own a scooter, it is free to ride them in the downtown area.